Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to fix Error 1719 in your windows? - Solved

In the past few weeks I have seen many cases of setup failures because of error 1719 while they are installing the 64-bit .NET framework on their windows operating system. So, today I have decided to help you out. I will be explaining you more about this error, it’s causes and some of possible ways which will be helping you to fix out error 1719 in your windows version.

Update: Windows 10 Users are Getting this Error Currently and the issue is the same which is With the Installer.

What is Error 1719 ?

You have seen many times that in your windows operating system one error comes with the message written The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed” and may I inform you that this error is related to the windows installer.

You can face this error mostly when you are trying to install a software or while uninstalling software. Many people face this error while windows updating process since windows updating is also included in installation process.

You should also know that error 1719 is related to “MSIEXEC.EXE” type of file. If you are facing this problem then it is possible so that this file is missing in your windows version or has been corrupted. Another reason behind this is the windows registry involving in this file.

So the total verdict which comes out from the above description is that this occurs mostly when you install or uninstall a program on your windows operating system.

Causes of error 1719 Occurs ?

As I have discussed above that the main reason by which error 1719 can occur is installing/uninstalling of a particular from. But rather than this there are two more reasons which can be responsible for this error, Continue reading and find out that what are those reasons:-
  • If you are running Windows in safe mode so there is a possibility of occurring error 1719.
  • If you have not installed your windows installer properly.   
  • If Windows installer is not properly registered. 
So, these are three more reasons which can be responsible for facing error 1719 in windows.

How To Fix Error 1719 In Windows ?

The next thing which is important is prevention. So, how can you fix error 1719 in your windows version. I have seen that most times this error get fixed by simply re-registering  the file “msiexec.exe” from the command prompt. If you are facing this error and can’t able to fix it just follow the steps listed below:-

Step 1. Firstly, you have to go to Start menu then click on run option.
Step 2. After clicking on Run option a small box will appear in front you you. There you have to type “cmd” and then press Enter button.

Step 3. A black box will appear after pressing the Enter key. You have to simply write “msiexec/unregister” and again press Enter button. Again type “msiexec/regserver” and hit Enter.

Step 4. That’s all, now restart your computer once and watch your error 1719 is fixed now.

But many times people do not get rid of this error easily. And if this thing is same with you then follow these steps:-
  1. Go to run and type “Services.msc” and hit Enter button.
  2. A Menu will pop up on your Screen.
  3. Search for Startup type and then change that to Manual
  4. Click on OK.
That’s all with this process, check it once if you are facing this error 1719 in your windows version. Hope you have understand well this article and have enjoyed while reading this. If you have any doubt or want to say anything regarding this error 1719 you can share your problem with me by leaving your comment below in the comment box…..


  1. I have tried everything and nothing works!! Any other ideas??

  2. not working for windows 10. any ideas?

  3. Didn't work for Windows 7 same error 1719

  4. Neither fix worked for me either.