Saturday, 29 March 2014

Getting Runtime Error 339 ? Here is how to Fix it

Runtime Errors are caused whenever some program requires several files during its runtime to maintain its normal flow of execution but windows registry fails to locate the required file. Further , this may be because of several reasons that either required file is corrupt , deleted , moved or the entry in windows registry is incorrect. Today we will be covering  Runtime Error 339 inWindows

Causes of Runtime Error 339

Runtime Error 339
  • Corrupt .OCX files
  • Program not installed properly
  • DLL files of program might be damaged / corrupt or deleted
  • Malware / Virus infection
  • Problem with Windows Registry

How to fix Runtime Error 339

Missing or corrupt .OCX file is major reason behind Runtime Error 339. There are almost 10,000 ocx files exists in an average system so it is quite difficult to tell exactly which file is causing the problem. But the good thing is that when you receive error message , it displays the file name which is causing error.

For example - Runtime error 339 component "MSMASK32.OCK" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

So at least you get idea which file is causing this error for you and you can focus on that file only. Here are some solutions to get rid of Runtime Error 339 :

1)Reinstall the program : If you have recently installed some program and it is causing this error so uninstall and reinstall the program. A program may cause error if it is not installed correctly.
2)Reregister the .ocx file : For example if you receive message “run time error '339' component COMDLg32.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid" then you should reregister COMDLg32.ocx file with help of command prompt as follows : 

  • Go to command prompt > Run as administrator and type following command exactly : regsvr32 comdlg32.ocx

You will receive a message saying DllRegisterServer in comdlg32.ocx succeeded. It means you have successfully reregistered your .ocx file. ( You may replace above given file name with any file name which is causing error for you. ) Generally reregistering TABCTL32.ocx , ssa3d30.ocx , COMCTL32.ocx ,RICHTX32.ocx , comct232.ocx files solves problem for many users.

3)Fix using command prompt : If error still persists after trying above methods then right click on command prompt and click n Run as administrator and then try to execute following commands in command prompt one by one :

Type this command exactly :

regsvr32 \Windows\System32\msflxgrd.ocx /u and press enter.

Once above command is completely executed , type next command :

regsvr32 \Windows\System32\msflxgrd.ocx and press enter.

Now exit command prompt and check if you still receive error message.

( Note : Replace msflxgrd.ocx with any .ocx file name which is causing error for you. )

One of the best solution for this problem in many cases is simply download a fresh copy of missing or corrupt .ocx file and replace it with old one present in your system.

This simple trick works very well. Just go to google type missing .ocx file name and download it. I am quite sure that performing above steps will definately solve your issue of fixing Runtime Error 339 in Windows.


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    1. Thanks Vishnu for this fix.
      Your second option is succeed for me.
      Ones again thanks.

  2. Doesn't work, when I write the command it gives me an error message saying the modul wasn't found.