Thursday, 13 March 2014

Steps to Fix Error 193 0xc1 in Windows

Error 193 0xc1 is occurred when the application manager system of windows fails to find the exact path of the .exe file of some program to run the service. This error is not specific to any specialized software or application but it can come out with any application.

Mostly it comes with Microsoft Office or while Printing documents. In order to remove these kinds of errors make sure that there is no file present in root of your C drive with name “Program”. If you have such file in root directory of C , immediately rename it or move it somewhere else.

How to Fix Error 193 0xc1

  1. If you don’t have any duplicate program file in C drive and still facing this error then it means the path set to executable file is modified. In this case , you have to set this path manually. It is simple just go to Run and type the this command: services.msc

  2. This command will open a window displaying list of all the running services on your computer. From given list, select the application causing error and right click on that service and click on Properties. For example I am checking path of avast antivirus in my system :

  3. Under this properties window check Path to executable. Take a note of this path carefully and then again go to run and type Regedit. A window will be opened. Under this go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\
  4. Under Services tab check for the desired service which is causing error. In my case I am taking avast antivirus for example. Select that service and check the Image path  on the right pane for that particular service.

  5. Take note of this path too and now match if both path are matching exactly. If not then it means you have detected the reason of error. Now you just need to make updations in these paths one by one. First try to change path under service’s properties windows and if you still get error then try to update path in registry. Hopefully this will remove your Error 193 0xc1 .

  6. If you face this problem while printing some documents , then it might be because of spooling problem. All you need to do is open command prompt and run the following command exactly as it is given : CMD /K SC CONFIG SPOOLER DEPEND= RPCSS

Press Enter and you are done !! This command will end the dependency problems in your printer’s spooler and will restart the printing process.

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  1. Hi, I followed these steps exactly. But, In the regedit the windows update file tree ending is absent. What should I do now?