Monday, 10 March 2014

Error code 51330 - How to Fix it in Wii

What is Wii Error Code 51330 ?

Wii Error Code 51330 is an error generated due to some misconfiguration of your router. Due to this error,you are unable to access the internet on your system. This error maybe caused due to several reasons but in most of the cases this happens when the wireless security passcode for your home network may have been changed or entered incorrectly on the Wii console i.e. Switching your security type from WEP to WPA and not configuring it in proper way.

It may also occur due to the inbuilt firewall settings or mac filter settings of your router. In this case your router is preventing you from connecting to any web and blocking your access.

How to Fix Wii Error Code 51330 ?

error code 51330Fixing Wii Error Code 51330 may vary depending on situations. It is because the reasons that are
causingerrors may be different as mentioned earlier and also the types of routers used might be different for different people.

In this article I will try to cover various solutions for different cases but ultimately you will have to check which one works for you.

  1. If you have made any changes related to encryption or security in your router such as WEP to WPA or WPA2 PSK so cross check and make sure you reflect same modifications in Wii console’s online settings.

  2. Other most common reason of this error may be that you are entering wrong WEP or WPA key so before getting panic first make sure that you are entering the security key correctly.

  3. Check your router for MAC Filtering. If it is enabled , then put your system’s mac address in allowed list otherwise simply disable MAC Filtering.

  4. Go to Wii settings and try to give IP address and DNS manually. Sometimes it is not configured properly in automatic mode.

  5. If above manual configuration doesn’t work for you then simply open command prompt and run following command :


Now unplug and restart your router to check if the problem is fixed.
  • Disable Firewall protection : Sometimes Wii Error Code 51330 appears when your firewalls temporarily blocks you from accessing internet so try to disable Firewall and access internet.

  • Set default IP Address : It will work for you if your IP address is changed by your internet service provider.

  • Try to change your router’s broadcast channel to 1 or 11 and also change the mode of browser from G to Mixed.

  • Try to update firmware of your wifi router to match latest configuration.

  • Power cycle the router and modem : Unplug your modem and router , let it to be disconnected for few minutes then plug-in the modem , allow taking it time to get started properly and then start the router . Now try and check if you can connect to the internet.

I hope some of the above methods will definitely work for you and you will get rid of that annoying Wii Error Code 51330 .

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  1. Thank you for explaining all the process its good to learn about your router or anything but I am too lazy for all this my internet services providers provide me facility of everything they come and fix the errors and don't charge any extra fees but yes sometimes I need to wait so for this purpose I read this article and learnt how to fix Wii error, Thanks Fixerrs!!