Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Windows Error 126 - Fix it Easily

Windows Error 126 is one of the most common errors faced by frequent computer users. This error is not specific to any program’s installation part and it can occur with any program that you are trying to install.

This signals some problem with the loading of a dynamic link library i.e. DLL files. These files are used in Windows to re-use common functionality or to make the executable files smaller.

DLL files are loaded during the startup of the application (EXE) or at runtime, whenever the functionality is needed. So we can say that when windows try to load DLL files related to some program but it can not be found by the system then it generates Windows Error 126.

Causes of Windows Error 126 :

The main reason of this error is that windows was unable to find the DLL files required to initiate the installation process for dynamic linking and this can happen because of any following reason:

  • The DLL files might not present in Dynamic Link Directory of your system.
  • The files required might been accidently deleted by you. DLL files are located in windows folder in C drive and users don’t go through this path regularly so this chance is rare.
  • Most common reason for this error is corruption of DLL files. DLL files may get corrupt because of numerous reasons like - abnormal termination of any process , Force close tasks , improper shut down of system , unsuccessful uninstallation , Malwares/virus attacks etc.
  • If DLL files are neither corrupt nor deleted from system then the problem must be with windows registry. All the DLL files present in system must be registered with windows but sometimes due to some errors in registry entries these files are not registered. Because of this , DLL files are failed to be loaded when they are needed by windows installer.

Steps to fix Windows Error 126 

Windows Error 126More you will take care of your system , more it will take care of you ! It’s a give and take process always.
There are a few measures that you should always take care of and your DLL files will always be safe.

  1. Run Disk Check : Try to run a Disk check sometimes or a better way is to schedule a Disk check. It will analyze the hard disk for system errors and files corruption.

  2. Manually Repair Files : Simply go to command prompt and run this command : SFC SCANNOWThis command will need Administrative rights to execute. It will automatically find and fix errors with windows files. In case some files needed to be recovered you can recover by inserting windows disc.
  3. Update Antivirus and run a full system scan to remove malwares and viruses from your system.

  4. Use some Tuning Softwares like Tune up utilities and Registry Booster to keep your system clean and junkfree.

  5. Reinstall the software which is causing error. It will restore DLL file associated with it and also update registry of your system.
Following Above mentioned steps will Fix Windows Error 126 for you, if you still face this error then please let us know in Comments below.


  1. but i already checked the upper parameters but issue is occurred and not resolved. The issue is only with domain user, there is no issue with administrator login.

  2. DLL files contains the necessary data that helps running Window programs flawlessly. Therefore, it becomes necessary for the computer user to understand the cause of DLL errors and try fixing them as soon as possible.