Tuesday, 8 April 2014

How To Fix Finder “Error Code 36“ in MAC

MAC users Specially those who use Mac Os X snow leopard or those who are running 10.6.2 Operating system must be aware of Error code 36. This Error code is usually seen while copying or dragging the files. Most problably this might be the reason you got this error and now you are here.

In some cases the copying process may start partially but stops in the middle with a message showing “Error-36” just like below Picture. Error Code 36 can also be seen while copying data in your USB drives. You can copy a particular file at once but could not be able to copy the whole folder at a time.

“Error Code 36

According to the analysis, Error Code 36 is a input/output error caused by file corruption as well. Usually this error shows a small message that a particular file cannot be read or written. This error can also be faced if files are not handled properly during the process.

How To know if your MAC is affected by Error Code 36 ?

You can know this problem very easily if your system is suffering from error code 36. As this error Code 36 does not allow you to copy the files from your system, So you can guess it easily. Just follow the steps below:-
  • Create a new folder in any drive.
  • Copy the whole folder to your desktop screen.
  • Again copy the same folder from your desktop screen back to that particular drive.
What have you seen ? If an Error Code 36 message appears on your computer screen, then your computer is suffering from this issue. So, let’s move forward and see that how can you fix this error code 36 from your system.

How to solve Error Code 36 from your MAC:

Most of the Time Error Code 36 may appear because of Malwares or Viruses, Junk Files, Currupt files. Thankfully There are tools like MacKeeper that will Save your MAC.

MacKeeper is a Special Tool that usually helps you to Clear the Clutter, and hence solving various Errors in your MAC including this one. After all MACs are Costly and who doesn't like Error Free MACs ?

We Recommend you to use MacKeeper Regularly to have a Fast and Error Free MAC.

Just in Case Mac Keeper fails to solve your Issue then, Following are few Steps to perform that may help you to get rid of Finder Error Code 36.

1. Check Permission and sharing options:

You should check the permissions for copying the files in the finder. Go to the permission and sharing options and make it to “everyone”. But before this kindly make sure that your account has read access to these files.
Rather than doing above procedure you can also take the ownership of that particular file. After doing all above steps carefully try copying the files again.

2. Check External Media:

You may face this Error code 36 if there is any kind of problem in the external media. This error can also be seen because of no connection stability. You should also try copying files while booting your system in Safe Mode.

3. Try to move files using other means:

You should try to move your files with the help of other mediums leaving finder. Copying files in the finder is not at all an easy task. This task is much more difficult than copying a data from one drive to another. While copying files to the finder there are numbers or permission and checks asked to ensure that the process is being correctly done.

If the above process still don’t worked then no need to worry just try the steps listed below:-
  1. Go to Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Type the following command “dot_clean” in the terminal window.

  2. Drag the particular folder to the terminal window which is giving problem to you while copying.

  3. As you releases the file, the path of the particular file will appear in the terminal windows at the end of the command.

  4. Click Enter after doing the above steps carefully.

  5. Now try to copy that particular file again.
You will be now able copy the file without any type of error. If you are facing this same problem with other files you can try same process with that file. If still you don't get your desired solution to this error and other errors in your MAC then you should have look at MacKeeper.

At the last I want to say that kindly share this article among your friends and if you have any questions to be asked you can leave a comment below in the comment box. Hope you have enjoyed while reading this article...  


  1. Your "dot_clean" recommendation was the solution to my problem. Thank you!

  2. But I can't solve the problem..The problem is affected only on one vedio file..But I did this..Same problem is showing