Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Runtime Error 429 - Fix it easily in Windows

Have you ever experience those frustrating runtime errors while using your Pc ? These errors are really annoying which afterwards results in complete system crash. We have to startup our system again to continue. But is there any other way to shoot out these error permanently ? 

Today we will be talking about the Runtime Error 429 which is usually faced in your microsoft windows operating system. No matter that which version of windows you are using. You can face this error in any of the windows version. So, how to avoid this error? what are the causes? how can we fix this error? and all other types of necessary things about this runtime error 429 will be Discussed here today. Continue your reading and find out more about this error.

Why runtime error 429 Occurs ?

Runtime Error 429Runtime error 429 may affect your system because of the ActiveX or Component Object Model DLL(COM) which is being accessed and is not registered on your system.

In short we can say that this error may occur when the COM is not able to make the request of automation object. But the good news is that this error doesn’t occur on all system.

How to Fix Runtime Error 429?

  1. The first step to be done is to Install the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or greater version.

  2. After the above step successfully done, reboot your system and delete the files which are in Temp folder on your system (The Temp folder is usually situated in C:\Windows\Temp). 

  3. If you are not able to find that folder yet you can click on Start > Run > and type %Temp% in the box.

  4. Reinstall the Component package on your system that include DLL access also. This process will register your DLL file on your system.
If you are not able to register the DLL file yet then you must try this manual process for registering the DLL file. Keep reading the below steps and perform them on your system.
  • You should run the command window as an Administrator Option (you can get this option easily in Start > Programs > Accessories). 
  • Then change the directory DLL from the Windows\System directory. If you are running 64 bit system then you can search it in Windows\syswow64.
  • After reaching there you have to type REGSVR32 file.dll at the command prompt. Here file.dll is the name which is to be registered.
  •  If you receive DLL entry-point DIIRegisterServer error after running REGSVR32 on your system. This is the sign that you have been successfully registered with RegAsm.exe.

So, after doing the above steps correctly your problem of runtime error 429 will be solved fully.

How to Avoid runtime error 429 ?

The best way to avoid this error is running an antivirus scan daily on your Pc or whenever you startup your Pc. These antivirus has a tendency to report the user if they are facing such kinds of error on their Pc. Now a days antiviruses are equipped with the repair button for such types of situation. Overall I will recommend you do to the daily scan on your Pc to avoid errors.

That’s all for today. Hope you have liked this article and gathered all types of information regarding Runtime Error 429, how to fix, how to avoid and the most important the causes about this error. If you have any type of doubt you can leave a comment below in the comment box provided below. At last kindly share this article with your friends…

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