Monday, 12 May 2014

How to fix Runtime Error R6025 Pure Virtual Function Call - Solved

Today we will be discussing about Runtime error R6025. This error is basically caused when a program ends suddenly in your windows operating system. An error report is displayed on your computer screen showing to help the computer user for troubleshooting this problem

If you have seen an error showing the message “Runtime error R6025 pure virtual function call” then it might be possible that the program which you are using right now may be corrupted or it need reinstallation.

What is the cause behind runtime error R6025?

This runtime error R6025 occurs when your program indirectly calls a pure virtual member function into the contact where a call to that function is not valid. The compiler then reports the error when it is building that program.

Another reason behind this error is that how you have written the code of your program, sometimes error occurs specially when your are running your program.

How to fix runtime error R6025 in your Pc?

Step 1. Firstly, close that program which is showing you the runtime error. Simply press “CTRL +ALT+DEL” button open task manager.

Step 2. Click Processes tab in that menu and then again click on “Image name”.Then check your program in the list and click on your program and choose “End Process”.
Step 3. Then close the task manager and click on start button. Select control panel and choose option for “Uninstalling a program” Under the program selection. You have to uninstall that program which is showing you the error message. 

Step 4. Again click on start button and type clean “cleanmgr” into the search box and then press Enter button.

Step 5. Carefully choose the drive where you have installed your program recently. Check all the options in that list and click OK and then select Delete files.

Step 6. After performing the above step carefully, simply restart your system.

Step 7. Reinstall your program again in your system and open your program to confirm that runtime error doesn’t appear again on your computer screen.

Still Getting Runtime Error R6025?

If you are Still getting the error even after performing the above Steps then Download Total System Care , Install it and Start the Scan.

It will find Problems in your Registry Entries, System Files and other Problems on your PC. After the Scan is finished, Simply Fix the errors which are Found.

This system repairing tools have a tendency to repair your corrupted system files. Do you know that in many cases these Errors occurs because of problems in system files. You can also scan your entire PC with it

If you have any type of doubt after reading the above article then you can leave a comment below expressing your problems, I will try my best in solving your doubts. At the last please try to share this article among your friends circle. 

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