Sunday, 27 July 2014

Netflix Error n8109 - Here is How to Fix it

If you are trying to watch Movies and shows on Netflix Using you Windows PC or MAC then Many a times you may face Netflix Error n8109 any time. I have seen many Netflix users who access Netflix on PC complaining on Forums and trying to search for methods to fix it.

So Today on this page you will Learn how to Get rid of and Fix Netflix Error n8109 easily. There are multiple ways to fix this error which i will discuss here today. I am sure you will be able to get rid of it.

You might not know but Netflix Uses Silverlight Plugin to play Movies and shows. So if you come through Netflix Error n8109 then it is related to Silverlight Plugin and Problems with it. Let us see Some Possible ways to fix this error.

Steps for Fixing Netflix Error n8109 

Step 1: As i Said Above it is a Problem with the Plugin so this error may also occur because of Cookies that are stored in your Browser so first of all i will advice you to Clear your Browsers Cookies to Start with.

Step 2: After Clearing your Browser Cookies, Restart your Browser. Now try to Access Netflix and Play Videos. If still you get the error then Continue Reading.

Advance Steps to fix Netflix Error n8109

If the Above steps of Clearing Cookies and restarting Browser do not work for you to fix Netflix Error n8109, Then Download Very Popular PCSpeedBoost Software from HERE & install it. Scan your Computer, it will also fix Many other Windows Errors that you might be Getting.

Step 1: If you are still Getting Netflix Error n8109 then This method will Help you. Just Uninstall and Reinstall Silverlight Plugin.  

Uninstalling Silverlight Can be done following the same steps like we do uninstall other programs in our PC or MAC

Step 2: To Install the latest Version of Silverlight plugin just navigate to Netflix official site and try to play any video. You will get a prompt to download Silverlight. Download it .

Or you Can Directly Download it From Here
This should fix your Problem of Netflix Error n8109.But if you still get this error which not gonna happen but just in case you need further help then Download Microsoft Fix it Tool from HERE which helps you to troubleshooting this error.

 I hope this article helps you to get rid of trouble you are getting to Access and watch Netflix. Feel free to tell us about your epxerience in Below Comment box.

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