Netflix Error nw-2-5 - Easy fixes that Works

If you are using Playstation to Use Netflix then you might Come through an Error which is Netflix Error nw-2-5. This is the Common Problem that PS 3 users are facing Recently while using Netflix. Today here you will learn why Exactly this Error Occurs and How to Fix Netflix Error nw-2-5 Easily.

Why Netflix Error nw-2-5 Occurs

Ok, you are getting this error on your PS 3 while Accessing Netflix , Reason is Either there is Connectivity issue or DNS Configuration issue that prevents you from Connecting to Netflix. But Do not worry, because we will also see how to fix Netflix Error nw-2-5 easily. Just follow below steps

How to Fix Netflix Error nw-2-5

The Easy and Simplest Method to Fix Netflix Error nw-2-5 is to Power Cycling your PS 3 Console. To do so you will have to perform the below simple steps which are explained.
Step 1: First of all Turn off Your Console and unplug your Power Source.

Step 2: After Unplugging the Power Source, Now unplug Cords from the TV.

Step 3: After Unplugging Everything, Plug the Console back. And also Plug Cords Back to your TV.

Step 4: Turn the Console ON and now try Accessing Netflix App. It should run Successfully

If the Above Steps do not solve the Issue of Netflix Error nw-2-5, then try and restart your Internet Connection.

After Restarting The Internet Still if you get the Same error, then Contact your Iinternet Service Provider to Solve the DNS Configuration Issue.


We recently bought a Smart TV and couldn't get Netflix to work. Error nw-2-5. Tried everything to resolve it and it turned out all it was was our parental controls through our broadband provider. I reset our settings with our ISP... c'est voila, it now works, thanks to the help from Celcus/Sainsburys advice. Hope this helps if you're having the same problem.


Just had this code come up. Turns out for some reason our t.v. switched to another available WiFi signal (comcast1 or something). We switched back to our designated signal and was prompted to enter our code.


I had to change the DNS settings of our WiFi network on the TV, for other reason we used proxy in the settings and this caused the problem. Turning off proxy, setting the DNS address back to the original and restarting the TV solved the problem.


I tried the above with no help. I finally disconnected from my network, turned my playstation's internet off and back on and reconnected and it fixed it for me.


Got this error on my ps4. Had to disable internet connectivity on console. Reenable and reconnect to Wi-Fi for it to work properly. The steps listed above didn't help me.


Had this error for months now. Netflix works on other machines, but not the PS4. Called Netflix and Sony and neither could help. Have restarted, reinstalled, and rebooted every thing.


I cannot now receive Netflix, though had managed to do so for some time previously. Instead, I now receive an error code NW-2-5. The screen shows a green light for one server and internet connection. It is not possible to re-sign in. All efforts to connect to Netflix have failed. According to the LG technical team the fault lies with LG or BT (internet provider).

LG (42LB650V)
I have re-tuned and reset the Smart TV from scratch. All available apps (e.g. BBC iPlayer) will play apart from Netflix. LG say the problem lies with either Netflix or BT.

BT report no problem with the internet. They say the problem lies with LG or Netflix.

None of the above have been able to define the problem. It would appear that at no time have of the three attempted to discuss the problem between themselves, but have relieve on me as a go between. None seem to have either the competence or the will to solve the problem. This may serve as a caveat regarding these products and also I would like to hear from anyone who has had similar problems.


Same here tried everything


I have LG Smart TV (only bought for Netflix integration) and now I'm getting the NW-2-5 error and I'm with Virgin Media.

I checked my TV network settings - they were wrong. Reset them and connected immediately.


Same here on xbox one. Give it one more day and off to Amazon Prime or Now TV.I don't have time for this.


Only get this error code when a storm is happening. Restart works every time


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