Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Netflix Error 1006 - Here is how to Fix it

Netflix Users are Bound to Face many different Errors, We have discussed Some Errors already that users get more frequently, Recently one of my friend got Netflix Error 1006 on his iphone and today i will discuss how to fix it.

My Friend was able to fix this issue with few tweaks by himself, and you might be able to do it by yourself after reading the below mentioned Tweaks. But let us first know the reasons for why users get this error which is very important to understand.

Reasons Why users get Netflix Error 1006

One of the Major reason you may face this error is because of Network issues. There might be internet problem with your device that causes this Problem

Another major reason is the Netflix app itself. There must be issues in the app and because of which you are getting Error 1006 in Netflix

Ok, So now we know the reasons of getting this error but now let us see Some Possible Ways that you can perform to fix Netflix Error 1006.

Fixing Netflix Error 1006 Easily

To get rid of this error you may perform any of the below Ways, i am listing all possible ways to fix this netflix Error in your iPad or iPhone.

1. Reboot: Start with Rebooting your Device. Shut it down, Wait for 10 seconds and restartt your Device and see if you get the error.

2. Reset network Settings: Resetting network settings usually helps you to get rid of this error 1006.
Steps to Reset Network settings on your device are:
Goto Settings > select General > choose Reset > select Reset Network Settings > Tap on Reset

You may even try accesssing Netflix Using Wifi. 
3. Reinstall Netflix App: If there would be Problem in Netflix app itself as said above, Then Uninstalling and then Reinstalling Netflix app from appstore will help you to get rid of Error 1006.

4. Hard Reset: If None of the above solution helps then you may want to try hard Reset your Device to Reset network settings. Simply follow the below steps

  • To Reset your Device just hold down  Power + Home button at the same time until you see the apple logo appearing on your screen.
  • Reset network Settings
  • Reset All Setting's

Now Deleted and re downloaded the Netflix App from Appstore. This should most probably solve the Netflix Error 1006  for everyone. Let us know in Comments below what works for you.


  1. I tried this and it did not work. I only get the error when I am connected to school wifi, is it something with the WiFi or my iPod?

    1. yes firewall stopping it at work. most updates and stuff like netflix will not work at work if your network ahas a firewall

  2. Same only when I'm on school wifi

  3. Won't work on school network because the network admins usually block certain sites and Netflix is one.

  4. solved it for me reset network settings and now the netflix app works at home