Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Error Code S1L457 in Mac - Solved

Recently Mac Users encountered a New Error Which is Error Code S1L457 in Safari Browser. Lets get it straight, PC or Mac you may face Error any time. how about a new one Every day?

This New error in Mac may read as "Due to Suspicious activity Detected on the Computer, Critical Errors have been Found. Error Code - S1L457." The Error Box might be having an OK Button but it may do nothing when you click on it.

So today here i will share Couple of Tweaks that can help you to get rid of Error Code S1L457 in your MAC. So let us see Steps on how to fix this Error

Steps to Fix Error Code - S1L457

You will Have to Close the Application first of all and then Delete all the website data in your Browser. Steps for the same are as below

Step 1: Quit the Application. If you are unable to Quit then you might want to Force quit by Navigating to Apple Menu > Force Quit > Select Application> Force Quit.

Step 2: Once you Close the Application now its time to Relaunch it by Holding the Shift Key and Click on the Icon in the Dock.

Step 3: After Relaunching your Browser, Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Remove all Website Data. This will clear all the Cookies and other Data.

Tip: Open your Download Folder and Delete the files that you don't recognize.

MacBooks are Costly we all know, It is important to keep it Healthy,Fast & most importantly Error Free, I mean who don't want to have a Fast Error Free MAC? One must have tools like DETOX MY MAC which does the Exact job for You and your Mac.

That is it, This should Fix Error Code - S1L457 For you and should also refrain from getting the same error again. But just in Case if you face this error again then again perform the above steps.

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