Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Unknown iTunes Error 45054 - Easy Fix

iTunes is very Widely used by Mac Users, But With the Great Utility and usefulness, Comes Errors and Problems in the Program. If you are using iTunes on your Mac, Then chances are that you may come through many Error messages.

Today we will be discussing more about one of the common Error which is iTunes Error 45054. This Error May pop up while you try to use iTunes for downloading music or Performing any XYZ task. The Error message would most probably read something like An unknown error occurred (-45054) just like below Picture.

iTunes Error 45054

Reasons for iTunes Error 45054

There are many reasons for getting this error in iTunes but let us discuss only the most common ones.
  1. Outdated iTunes
  2. Corrupt System Files
  3. Internet Problems
  4. Disk permission
Ok So now that we know few of the many reasons that causes iTunes error 45054, Let us now jump in to see how can we fix this error.

Fixing iTunes Error 45054

Step 1: First of all let us first see if your iTunes is outdated or not. If you see that it is not updated to the latest version, then update and see if you fixed the error.

Step 2: Ok so your iTunes is uptodate and you still see the error, Now make sure there is no Connection Interruption. There are also chances that you might have Corrupt or faulty System Files that are causing  this Unknown iTunes error on your Mac.

Step 3: In above 2 Steps you tried the most basic Fixes to this Error 45054, Now let us discuss how to solve the issue in a little advance manner. This Step should most probably fix your Error. You will be using "Repair Disk Permission" feature in your Mac to help us fix this itunes error.

All you got to do is Simply Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Double click on Disk Utility.

Now on the left Pane you can see your Mac Hard disk, Simply Select it to highlight the two options which are:
  • Verify Disk permission and
  • Repair Disk permission.
Here we will be using Repair Disk Permission. Once it completes, Simply Re-Open iTunes to see if you still get Error 45054 in it.

Step 4: By now you must have fixed the error but if you are still reading this then that means you did not managed to fix the issue. Do not worry, we have one last option that should help you. 

One last thing you can do is to Re-install iTunes from their official Site. Re-installing will help you to fix not only this particular error but you can get rid of many other Errors and bugs in iTunes.

If any of the above mentioned steps helps you to fix Error 45054 in iTunes then please let us know in comment box below. if you want to share any other way or method that helped you to fix this error then you are welcomed to share it with us.


  1. Thanx for the great work. My problem has been fixed after following the steps

    1. Thank you for Letting us know. have a great day ahead !!!

  2. thanks , before I had a problem with the 996 and now I can not even turn on the google play store (the problem rh-01) . Good work -_-

  3. This fix was awesome it did what the Samsung and AT&T representatives couldn't do. Option 1 fixed Caesars and option 2 fixed Slotomania you guys are AWESOME!

  4. Hey guys, thanks! Solution 3, uninstalling updates did it for me. Hopefully Google play will tackle the problem in their next update.