Thursday, 28 January 2016

Fix Error 0x89231806 in Xbox while using Party Chat

If you are Using Xbox app in Windows 10 and want to try Party Chat then you might get Error 0x89231806. So each time you try and join a Party you are shown "Your Network Settings are Blocking Party Chat [0x89231806]". Little bit of researching shows that Xbox live and Xbox one users are getting this error more often then not.

Now on seeing this error, one can easily figure out that its related to your Network Settings. We will have to tweak some Network settings to fix this Error. We will try and take you through all the tweaks that you need to make in order to fix this error.

Steps to Fix Xbox Error 0x89231806

Error 0x89231806 in Xbox while using Party Chat

Before we start with the Steps Mentioned below, i would like to thank Reddit user IonBlade for doing the hard work and shredding some light Here. I have divided this Post in two 1) Basic Steps and 2) Advance Steps to fix Error 0x89231806. Let us first take a look at Couple of Basic Steps.

Basic Steps to Fix Error 0x89231806

Step 1) Search for Xbox Beta in Windows Store and Download it. Once its Done, launch it and go to Settings. Go to Network Tab (which is not there in the release Xbox app). Validate what the settings there are, you'll likely see an error message about Teredo issues.
Step 2) Next, we want to make Sure IPv6 is enabled on your NIC(Network Interface Controller). Many a times it is disabled but you will need it for Party Chat and Hence you are getting Error 0x89231806.

To Enable IPv6, Simply Right Click on Windows Start button and Click on Network Connections. Now select your active connection and Right Click on it to choose Properties. Scroll down a bit and Make sure IPv6 is enabled, If not then check that mark.

Once both the steps are done, you are now required to try and join the party chat and see if you are still getting the same error again. Move on to the advance steps below otherwise.

Advance Steps to Fix Error 0x89231806

Step 3) You might get this 0x89231806 Error if WIndows Firewall is Disabled. IPv6 tunneling uses Windows Firewall to make connection and if Firewall is disabled then this may cause problems as connection won't establish.
So there are two things that you will need to validate, a) Windows firewall is set to start automaticlaly and b) Windows Firewall is Configured correctly.

a) To make sure windows firewall is Running, We need to Search for Services.msc. Press enter Which will open a new Window. Scroll down to Find Windows Firewall and Make sure the Startup Type is Automatic as shown in the Below Picture. In case it is Disabled or Manual, Just Double Click on it to make it Automatic.

Windows firewall startup type

b) After making Sure Firewall is Running, We need to make sure that it is Configured correctly to make Flawless Connection.

This time Search for "Windows Firewall and Advanced Security" and open it. Right Click on Windows Firewall with advanced security from the upper left pane. Click on Properties, Now Make sure firewall state on Domain Profile, Private profile and Public Profile Tabs is Set to ON. Inbound Connection are blocked and outbound Connections are Allowed.

Step 4) Now if you had to Change anything from above configuration then Reboot your Computer and try if you are still getting Error 0x89231806 on your Xbox.

Step 5) After Verifying IPv6 is Enabled and Firewall is Started and Configured correctly, ALl we now need to see if Teredo Tunnel is Establishing with Microsoft.

To Do so, Right Click on Start button and Click on Command Prompt (Admin). Now type "netsh interface teredo show state". Now Make sure that the type is Client , The server name is "" and State shows Qualified.

If the State doesn't show as Qualified then that shows that the tunnel is not Established. To fix this you will need to reinstall Teredo. For Instructions, Go to the Xbox Beta app Settings > Network tab and click on the error message that shows.

That is Too much of work to fix and get rid of Error 0x89231806 on your Xbox but its worth a try. These are the only solution we managed to find so far, Let us know if you managed to solve the issue using above steps. We will try to update here with more Solutions if possible.


  1. Still hasn't fixed my problem. Everything is running just fine, and I still get that error code. Xbox One works just fine, but the party chat in the Windows 10 app is still broken.

    1. I've done all this too and I still cannot chat

  2. Xbox Beta app doesn't have a network settings...

  3. I've done every fix I could find and it still hasn't been fixed.

    1. Had the same problem and tried all support sites I could find. For us, it ended up being the Turtle Beach headset volume adapter on the plug in from the headset to the remote. We removed that and then we could have party chat and error went away. It was all the connection of the headset.