Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Fix File System Error (-2018375670) in Windows 10

We are Covering yet another Error in Windows 10 called "File System Error (-2018375670)." Recently upgraded to Windows 10? Can't open any file? You are at right place. Windows 10 Users have this issue, Whenever you try to Click on a File, You get an error which says "Critical Error Start menu and Cortana aren't working. We'll try to fix it next time you sign in".

You might have already attempted to Sign out and Sign in again, but it didn't work, and that is why you are here for better Solutions. We here at fixerrs.com try and provide solutions to various errors which are proven and which helps the readers.
A couple of months ago We solved File System Error (-1073741819) in Windows 10. And once again a similar error pops up that is bugging Windows 10 Users. So let us start with Why you are having this error, and then we will jump in to see how to Solve this File System Error (-2018375670) in Windows 10.

Reasons for File System Error (-2018375670)

  1. Corrupt System Files
  2. Outdated or Corrupt Drivers
  3. Particular Service that is running is Conflicting with Windows Explorer.

Fixing File System Error (-2018375670) in Windows 10

In Most Cases Corrupt System Files are the Culprits because of such File System Errors. Many times Currently Running Service on your PC may also Conflict with Windows Explorer. We will list a total of 3 Methods to Fix This File System Error (-2018375670).

Method 1: Restart your PC.

It's not Brainer, if the Issue is because of Some Service Confliction, then a Simple Restart may be enough. Restart your PC and see if the Problem is still there. If you have already Rebooted your System then, skip this step and jump to Method #2.

Method 2: Boot your PC in Safe Mode.

Safe Mode Feature in Windows Computers are Very Helpful, and It helps you to Know if any 3rd Party Program is Causing the Trouble for you. Booting into Safe mode will ensure no 3rd Party Drivers are loaded. When Using Safe mode, Only Basic Files and Drivers are loaded which are required to run Windows.

You Can Boot your Pc in Safe mode in Basically 2 Ways: 1) From Settings and 2) From  Sign in Screen. Both the Methods are Briefly explained on Microsoft's Official Webpage.

Method 3: Fix Corrupt System Files.

Remember when I said above that Corrupt system files are the Culprit in most cases for File System Error (-2018375670) in Windows 10. So now in this Method will be Analyze and Restore or Fix Corrupt system files.

File System Error (-2018375670) fixed with Disk Check
  • Open Command Prompt as Admin.
  • Type "chkdsk /f" and hit enter.
  • Type "Y" and hit Enter.
  • Now Reboot your System or type "Shutdown /r" and hit Enter again.
That is it, Now let your PC do its work, Grab a coffee and sit back. When everything is done, you will be able to use your Computer like before without File System Error (-2018375670).


Let us know which Method Helped you to solve the issue. You can Leave your Feedback in the comments below. If you have any other method that helped you to Fix this File system error, then kindly share with us Below.


  1. Method three worked for me (didn't try #2), thank you.

  2. Method one worked for me. Thank you for the help.