Sunday, 24 April 2016

Error Code: 0x800f0908 While installing Language Packs Fixed

To Use Windows 10 in your Own Preferred language, You need to Install Language packs. But While Installing the Language Packs, Windows 10 Users are getting Error Code 0x800f0908 which is preventing the Download and install.

This very Same error may also pop up when you try to Install Speech Recognition in Windows 10.

So we Decided to do some research on why this error pops up and help our readers with a solution. 

The Error Code 0x800f0908 generally means that the Internet Connection type is preventing the download. Which also means that, there is some issue with the settings of your Internet connection that needs to be corrected.

Solving Error Code 0x800f0908 in Windows 10

Now that you know the Culprit here Let us dig a bit deep and see how to Fix it. We found that Users with Wifi Connections were bugged with this error Code. Most of the time the reason for the error is because of the Wifi network set to Metered Connection. 

More often than not, Turning Metered Connection to OFF will Solve the Problem. If your Windows is set to Use Wifi Network with Metered Connection, Then it will Automatically Prevent your Download to Save Extra Data Usage.
By Turning it off we ensure that Windows Doesn't Interrupt you while Downloading Language Packs or Speech Recognition on your Windows 10 PC. So let us see the steps and try to fix Error 0x800f0908 ourself.

Turning Metered Connection to OFF

  • Go to Settings > Network.
  • Wifi > Advanced Options.
  • Metered Connection > OFF.
That is It, Now try and Download again and I am sure the error will not appear again, and you will be able to Install language package.

Feel free to Let us know if this helps and if you have any other method to solve this error 0x800f0908 then share with us in Comments Below.


  1. Thank you so much, you have solved my problem totally with your advice

    1. Hi FREDRIK, i am glad that i was able to help you. Thank you for Appreciation.

    2. Thanks for sharing with us !

      Marco Aurelio from BraSil

  2. None of the mention solution worked for me.
    But,when i replaced g.account with the one which works perfect i just got authentication error instead though i successifuly signed in,it pops up when the download is nearly started.

  3. My problem not solve im try to all stp plz help

    1. 1st: Don't use Mobil Broadband wireless to access internet. Generally, it is only a 42Mbps USB modem. May go to some shopping mall or Starbuck coffee shop or using my mobile phone Mobile Hotspot & Tethering to share Wi-fi with a higher speed. Downloading will become normally completed. If Chinese Traditional still no show, then

      2nd: Remove existing ALL CHINESE Language.
      Set CHINESE TAIWAN as Primary language (Reboot)
      Downloading all supplementary CHINESE language packs which shown by using higher speed Wi-fi again (Reboot). Problem will then be resolved. Change back to CHINESE TRADITIONAL (HK) will not abnormal.

      Billy Wong K.H. - Hong Kong

  4. My problem not solve im try to all stp plz help

    1. Hello ULFAZ, Please be more specific with your issue.

  5. thank u guys. really really thank u. all this crap headache for a metered connection setting. Damn!!!!

  6. Thank You...
    My problem was solved

  7. thankyu so much for solving thi problem

  8. i have exactly the same issue but i don't have any wi-fi options because i'm using a PC with no wi-fi device. so how do i fix this? how do i set the metered connection?