Sunday, 17 April 2016

Fix OccidentAcrident.dll on Startup in Windows 10

Windows 10 users might be experiencing OccidentAcrident.dll on Startup. The error prevents your computer to boot correctly. Its very annoying to deal with errors that won't even let you to boot your PC.

When your system boots or starts, various inbuilt Windows applications, Third party Softwares and Drivers are loaded. If any of them fails to load properly or are corrupted in some cases, then your computer won't boot and throw errors just like OccidentAcrident.dll.

Why OccidentAcrident.dll Error on Startup?

There is very little information we have at the moment about the error but what we understand about users getting OccidentAcrident.dll errir is Confliction of Files on startup. 

Since its a file which is in Dynamic link library(dll) format, One can guess the file fails to load or is missing from your Computer. Let us now do the real work and try to fix the issue on our own here. Lets get started.

Fixing OccidentAcrident.dll error in Windows 10

There is very little we can do at this moment as we are still learning about it. We generally provide more then one Methods to fix a particular error but this time we have only one solution at this time.

#1 Using Autoruns for Windows

So will be using a Freeware tool from Microsoft which is called as Autoruns. The Program will help you to Disable certain programs from loading. Which may help you to identify what program or service is causing the trouble for you.
Download Autoruns for Windows from the official website. Extract it to your preferred folder. Right click on Autoruns file and click on Run as Administrator.

OccidentAcrident.dll on Startup in Windows 10

We will then have the list of applications and services which are run when your computer starts. Refer to the above picture. Uncheck third party items one by one and reboot your PC to check if OccidentAcrident.dll is solved.

So currently we have only one method to solve the problem for you which requires some time and knowledge too. But we intend to Update the post with more methods very soon.

Help us & Others.

If you have successfully solved this issue on your own with some other method, then please share it with us in comments below.

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