Thursday, 14 April 2016

Error 0x80048830 in Windows 10 Mail App Fixed

Windows Mail App is very useful to those who wants access to their inbox in just couple of clicks. It is important to Sync your Yahoo mail or Google mail(Gmail) with the app. But due to some Obstructions, Users are getting Error 0x80048830 in the app.

What happens is, The app fails to sync Yahoo or Gmail account that is attached and hence throws the error which may appear similar to the below Picture. You are Probably here to Fix the issue and would gladly like to continue receiving and sending Mails just like before. We are glad too to let you know that, we have researched and found a solution to the Problem.
Error 0x80048830 in Windows 10 Mail App Fixed

Reason for Error 0x80048830

The Reason Why you are shown the error is very simple, Its because Either your Windows Firewall is preventing the Synchronization or The Antivirus that you have installed is Conflicting with the app,and hence the 0x80048830 Error is shown to you.
You will learn how to fix the issue in just a moment. We have Seen ESET Users are more prone to get this error recently.

Fixing Error 0x80048830 In Windows Mail app

Method 1: Turn off Windows Firewall

As Discussed above, Windows inbuilt firewall may prevent the Sync Process, So what you will need to do is, Turn it off.
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on System and Security
  • Go to Windows Firewall
  • From the left pane, Click on Turn Windows Firewall ON or OFF
  • Check "Turn off Windows Firewall" in both the settings and click on OK.
Now open up Mail app and see whether the error 0x80048830 is fixed or not. if the error persists, then you need not worry because we have Method #2 for you to Try.

Method 2: Turn off Anti-Virus

This Method should work for the majority of you. Most of the time ESET users are found to fix this issue by just turning it off.

So in this Method, all you need to do is Turn off your Antivirus itself or just try Turning off Antivirus Firewall.

Now Open the Mail app again and you should be glad to see no error code like 0x80048830 popping up this time. You might not want to Turn off you antivirus every time you want to use the app but this is need to be done currently as there is no other workaround.

We just Shared Two Methods to Solve this Error Code, Just let us know which method worked for you in comments below.


  1. Replies
    1. Your admin has restricted mail usage from that particular domain in you network. Try connecting to a different one.

  2. turning off the Windows Firewall had no effect. Configuring Antivirus not to check E-Mails worked. I'm using Avast Antivirus Free Version.

  3. what a stupid solution! You want to put your PC at risk just because you wanna use the mail app? You can use gmail or any kinds of mail through your web browser

  4. Not sure about turning off the firewall or antivirus is a good idea.