Monday, 27 June 2016

Error code 0x80073d0b on Windows 10 phones

If you are using Lumia Series phone with Windows 10 on it, then you may receive Error Code 0x80073d0b. This Error Code pops up when you try to move apps from internal memory to SD Card.

There is no Real Solution to this Error Code. But, We will Share a couple of logical reasons that will make you understand why you are getting this error every time you try to transfer apps from Internal storage to SD Card.

Why am I Seeing Error Code 0x800730b?

No solution? Ok but tell me why do I see this error at least. Well, You are getting error 0x800730b while Moving/Installing apps to SD Card because:

Error code 0x80073d0b

Reason 1: You are trying to move system apps: If you are trying to transfer Inbuilt system apps then you might get the error. You are not allowed to Move System apps.

Reason 2: App developer doesn't let you: You are not trying to Move system apps but Third party apps like Whatsapp.  Why am I still getting an error you may ask? This is because Developer of the app does not allow users to Install their built app to install on SD Cards.

What should I do to Get rid of Error 0x800730b?

Now that you know the reasons why you saw this error code Let us see to it that you don't receive it again.

As mentioned above, there is no real solution to it other then you Stop trying to move the apps. The Apps that you are trying to move to SD card is not Developed to run on External memory. It is Designed and developed to Run on internal memory only.

So if you stop trying to move apps that can run on Internal memory only, then you can get rid of error code 0x80073d0b on your Windows phone. Apps Like Whatsapp are for Internal Storage only; One can save pictures and videos to SD card by going to Settings but not the whole app.

Every time you will try to Move or Install Apps on Your SD Card, you will see this error popping up on your screen.
Tip: Here is a small tip for the readers, Don't Move apps to SD Card unless its necessary. Because moving the app to sd card will result in Slowing down of the app. The App will work slowly and will take time to respond.
So That is it. I have seen many users coming up with this 0x80073d0b error code so finally decided to clear the air. I normally post More than 2 Solution to specific Error Code, but this post is for information only.


  1. Thank you. That explains a lot. This is also probably the main reason my phone keeps trashing my sd card and needing to reboot etc. Microsoft needs to address this issue properly. It's a major issue.

  2. Your explanation does not explain the error. I have a HP Inspirion I7 processor 16 gig Memory, 250 Gig C drive, 500 gig D drive. I keep getting the same error for any App, and none of them are system apps.

    1. Hi, This Post is for the users who get 0x80073d0b error on their phone.

  3. Hey
    That was really useful..
    But i get error code 0x80073cf6 on my windows 10 mobile...
    Also can you explain the configuration update on windows 10 mobile...?

  4. I still get the error code when I try to install on the device:\

  5. I had LINE app on my SD card, then transferred it to phone internal memory but it will not allow me to move it back to sd frustrating as it's not a phone memory only app!
    I've had it with 'microcrap' windows mobiles....roll on when I get an Android

  6. Same here...looks like the only way out here is to reset the whole phone and re install 'windowscrap 10' agin ( for the third time in six months!)
    Also my photos that I take on this 'New' awful camera app they've introduced are showing as taken at the time of shooting, but when I go to my photo album the whole of this months photos are represented by a black void of nothing (with the tiny cloud symbol at the centre) Shyteszer! I'm getting so hacked off with these hiccups!!! Time to get a second hand android...or I phone.
    Be lucky out there folks!

  7. Hello your solution is false.
    I have the same issue but that only appears since a hard reset and only with the apps installed before the hard reset and not with others programs.