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Fix Error 0xc7700112 while upgrading to Windows 10

If you are currently using Windows 8.1 and trying to Upgrade to Windows 10, Then you might come across Error 0xc7700112. This Particular error won't allow you to Upgrade your PC to Windows 10. While Upgrading, it is very important to know the Proper way to do it.

There are Multiple ways to Upgrade to Windows 10. Media Creation tool allows you with "Upgrade this PC" Option which is the most Accessible and easy. But Many times it may throw Errors just like 0xc7700112. 

If you are using Upgrade this PC option in media creation tool then, we recommend you to try upgrading your PC through other Methods. Like Creating a USB Flash Drive or Downloading ISO files.

Fixing Error Code 0xc7700112 for You

As mentioned earlier, It is quite early to judge exactly what causes this Error to pop up. But the only option we have right now is to Try other methods to upgrade to Windows 10.

If you tried using Upgrade this PC option, then try creating a USB Flash drive. If USB Flash Drive Fails again with Error 0xc7700112, Then try Downloading ISO file method Mentioned below.

Method 1: Creating USB Flash Drive.

You will Require Windows Media Creation tool for both the methods. If you don't currently have it, then download it to perform further steps. Click Here to go to Microsoft's Official Site, Scroll down and Click on Download Tool Now.
Step 1: Once the Download Completes, Run the tool and you will be asked to Accept the T&C.

Step 2: On the Next Screen you will have 2 Options. 1) Upgrade this PC and 2) Create Installation Media for another PC. In this step, we will be selecting the 2nd option.

Step 3: Next, you will be asked to Select Language, Architecture, and Edition. This will be done automatically.

Step 4: Now you will have two options 1) USB Flash Drive and 2) ISO file. So Select USB Flash Drive. Make sure you have Pendrive with more than 8gb of free space. Better Format it first up.

Error 0xc7700112 : Choosing the method

Step 5: On clicking Next, if you have your Pendrive Connected, then you can see it. Select the drive and Click next. Now the tool will Download Windows 10 on your USB. After finished, you can now use the drive to Upgrade your Windows 8/8.1 PC.

Method 2: Downloading ISO file

Use this Method if the Above method fails to fix Error Code 0xc7700112 for you. For this Method, Step 1,2 and 3 Remains the same as the first method.
  • In Step 4, You need to Select ISO File Instead of USB Flash Drive. 
  • Follow the Onscreen Instructions and let the download Finish.
  • Insert a Blank DVD with Enough Space.
  • Now Navigate to the Downloaded File, Right Click on it and Click On MOUNT.
  • Once it is finished, Click on File Explorer from taskbar and Open CD Drive. You will See Setup file,
  • Double Click on the Setup file and let the Upgrading Process finish.
If everything Goes right, then you should not get Error 0xc7700112 this time. Above Mentioned two methods are just alternate options to Upgrade your PC to Windows 10. There is no Real Information for why this error pops up and how to fix it yet.

But You can Always Scan your PC With Total System Care and get rid of System errors. Sometimes System Errors or File Corruption may cause these kind of issues. Total system care latest version will take care of these if you have it installed. It will Scan and fix this error and many others that your system may have.

If any of the above methods works for you then please mention it in Comments below. If you have any other way to fix this Error Code 0xc7700112, then Let us know in comments below to help others.

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