Windows 10 Update Error 0xc1900107: Easy fix guide

I have a Laptop Running Windows 10 Smoothly. But it hurts every time I have to update it. I am saying it because Updating Windows is not an easy task Considering all the Obstacles that users face. Yes, I am talking about Errors that pop up while Updating Windows. One Such Error is Windows 10 Anniversary update Error 0xc1900107.

This Error Code may be displayed on any Build. It is not for Specific Users using "xxxx" Build, Also The victim of this error code doesn't necessarily have to be Windows Insider Preview user.

Currently Many Users are facing Error 0xc1900107 with Windows 10 anniversary Update. Not only this, but users who are trying to Upgrade to windows 10 are facing issues such as Windows 10 Upgrade Stucks at 99%. This Happens in Windows Update assistant and so we wrote a post about how to fix it.

Looking at the 0xc1900107 error message that is shown in Windows Update, there is not much information provided. Its just a Code and some text. This Error Code looks Complicated, but the Solution to this error is easy. Lets see how to fix it.

Fixing Windows 10 Error Code 0xc1900107

You might have Already Surfed through few Solutions Provided on official forums, but they didn't work Right? Well, We dig a bit deep and have found a Simple but effective way to get rid of Error code 0xc1900107 in Windows 10.

Delete/Rename $WINDOWS.~BT Folder to Fix 0xc1900107 Error

$WINDOWS.~BT Folder Consist of files that are required if you wish to Downgrade to the Previous version. Like you are on Windows 10 Right now, You Upgraded your Windows 7 to Windows 10. The Folder will have Windows 7 Downgrading files.

If you are on Windows 7 or 8/8.1 and see this Folder, Then it simply has Files that are required for Upgrade to Windows 10.

We will Delete the folder or Simply Rename it to fix Error Code 0xc1900107 In Windows 10. Is it safe to Delete $WINDOWS.~BT folder? You may ask. The Answer is Yes, It's a temporary Folder that Windows Creates on it's own.

To Rename or Delete this Folder you will first need to show Hidden folders. The Folder is Hidden by Default and so need to unhide it first. Follow the steps below:

  • Open File Explorer by clicking Folder icon on your Taskbar.
  • Open C Drive from the file explorer. You can also Click on This PC and open C:\
  • Click on View and Check Hidden items Box.
  • You will now able to see $WINDOWS.~BT folder if have C:\ open.
  • Now, Delete the whole folder. In many Cases, you will not be able to Delete this folder So Rename it to anything.

Everything is Done now, Go to Windows update and Try to Download and Install Pending Updates. You will not see any error like code 0xc1900107 in Windows 10 This time. Your Download and Install process should go through easily.

So this was the Easy way to Fix this error in windows 10 PC. Let us know if this Method works for you in comments below. Also, if you have any other method that helps to fix it then, share it with us and our readers in the Comment section below.


Renamed file and Update failed again with error code 0xc1900107. Did not reboot before running. :(


Hi JIM, i am sorry that didn't helped in your case. Can you try and Create a new User profile on your Windows 10? Then Check for the same thing and see if the error still persists. Click here to know how to do.


Great advice, thanks. After 3 attempts have now succeeded in Anniversary Update for Dell Vostro 3550.


Thank you ADRIAN for letting us know it worked for you. Have a great time.





Hi Fixerrrs, I did the rename of $WINDOWS.~BT and then I did a Re Boot. Ran the Windows Update assistant again and everything worked. I then did a normal Check for updates and saw the Anniversary Update 1607 waiting in the wings along with an Adobe update. Both updates installed and I am now a Happy Camper. Thanks.


You are welcome. So happy to know that i could help you.


where is $WINDOWS.~BT ?? i have just $sys reset and $getcurrent FAST PLZ i can't do anything on this windows.. not even system restore, not even instal other updates becouse there said another updates are in proces and this just for 3-4 months SO PLZ HELP ME !


What is the $Windows-WS folder?


Worked for me first go - no problems. Wouldn't let me delete the folder, but it did let me rename it. Took a long time to update because I'd missed out on quite a few updates


There were so many errors in my windows 10 due to my previous interrupt during updating process that i had to start using ubuntu only. Tried so many fixes with no success, but this method solved the problem. Thanks a lot :D


Ok. Si lo borras, funciona correctamente la actualizacion.


Been trying this update for months. Just altered the file name and update worked straight away. Update took a long time. Thanks.


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