Friday, 2 September 2016

0x8007007A - Windows Live Mail Error Fixed

If you Use Windows Live Mail to Send and receive your Emails then, you might get Error 0x8007007A. Windows live Mail (WLM) is a utility for Windows users to manage emails and email accounts.

Currently, There is a Conflict between Live Mail and One Drive and which is why lots of users are facing Error ID 0x8007007A while Sending Emails. The Majority of the lot get the error while sending emails with Images in it.

The Images that you send in the mail are uploaded on OneDrive(Earlier Skydrive). But Recently Windows live users are not able to send pictures in the Mail because of the Conflict. Users are not allowed to Send Pictures as Album, but you can always send them as Attachment. Each Time User tries, A Window will Display An unknown error Occurred. Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A.

There is an Easy Work around to Fix this error 0x8007007A in Windows live mail. If you are someone with the similar issue then just keep Reading, and you will find a Solution to the problem. For those who can't even send Emails with just text, We have you covered too. Read on..

Fixing Windows live Mail error 0x8007007A

Windows live mail error message box 0x8007007A

Method 1: Send Images as Attachment, not Album.

This method is for those who are struggling with an error code while sending Images in mail. Just read the steps below.
Step 1: Compose a new mail to send.

Step 2: Click on Insert.

Step 3: Now click on Attach File (Paper Clip Icon).

Step 4: Navigate to the Picture you want to attach, Select it.

Step 5: Congrats, now you have your required image as  an attachment. Simply send it. No 0x8007007A error this time around.

For Users who want to send multiple Pictures in one mail, Simply Follow Step 1,2 and 3 as mentioned above and then do this: Click on any image that you want to Send, Hold Ctrl Key and Select other Pictures too.

Method 2: Delete Pending emails from Outbox.

This method is for those who are getting 0x8007007A error in Windows live mail while sending Simple text messages too.

All you got to do here
  • Go to Outbox.
  • Select emails with Pictures attached as albums.
  • Delete them All (Take backup if important).
Now Compose a new email, write your Text message that you need to send. Go ahead and send it, This time, you should not get any error and email should go through without any issues.

That is all Folks; This is something I wanted to Cover because I could see lots of People Struggling with 0x8007007A error. The issue is with Pictures that are uploaded to One Drive. Although the Solution or should I say Work around is very simple as now you know it.

We would like to hear from you, Let us know if this page helps you to fix this error in Windows live. If you have any other way to fix this issue, then feel free to share it with us in Comments below.


  1. Thank you for helping to fix that issue. I spent a lot of time searching web for a fix and it turned out to be problem with a way how to attach photos ! I love Microsoft ;)
    Thanks again :)

    1. You are welcome. Glad that we could help.

  2. Thanks heaps, this was my problem, now fixed

  3. You need to delete emails in outbox first and then a scree will prompter to enter the password for your email. You need to enter the password and you will be able to send emails again

  4. Thank you. That sorted the problem. Is the conflict you refer to going to be resolved any time soon?

  5. Thanks for that information. Other "solutions" said file system error, restore to previous update (which didn't work). Sent photos as separate files, all good.

  6. Many many thanks for such a simple solution and easily understandable for a 70yr old computer user. IT FIXED IT!!

    1. Wow, You are welcome !!! I am glad we were able to help.

  7. TY,TY,TY!!!!! As a Professional Santa Claus I will see to it that you get that little Red wagon this year!! Still can not bring the BB gun though. This has been a problem for me for years! Bless you all !!

  8. sorry but this solution didn't fix it for me? Any further suggestions.

    Gordon Sanbrook

  9. Hi Fixxer...any idea what is best email replacement for Live Mail? Love simple easy to use format of Live Mail. Outlook not so much, to many features and slow hard to use contacts.

  10. Deleting emails stuck in Outbox did not solve problem trying to send. Still dumping into Outbox. Another solution?

  11. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Have spent days trying to figure this WLM error to no avail. Contacted my internet provider, the store I bought the scanner and the scanner manufacturer. No one could help me and all suggested I get a technician to come to the home. I finally decided to give Google a try and low and behold there you were with my answer! This is where I should have gone in the first place! This little old lady is learning slowly but surely! THANK YOU AGAIN! Have a great day!


  12. Thank you for a quick and easy to follow solution to the problem. Definitely saved me a one hour call out fee from an IT consultant.

  13. Dear sir my laptop is disk locked. so my disk forget password.. So help me