Sunday, 11 September 2016

0x8500201d Error code in Windows 10 mail app

Currently, Windows 10 users are having trouble with Windows 10 mail app. Outlook mail account doesn't Sync with the mail app and throws Error Code 0x8500201d. To be Exact, The error reads "Something Went Wrong; We can't sync right now. Error Code: 0x8500201d". 

The Message Clearly says that its a syncing error.

Windows 10 mail app can't sync your emails from your Outlook account.

The error pops up every time you click on Synchronize.

Today, we are going to share some Tweaks, Work arounds and Ways to fix error code 0x8500201d when syncing email in Windows 10 mail app. The Same methods might also help to fix 8500201D error. So try them and see if it helps

Fixing 0x8500201d error while Syncing emails

We are going to list few common troubleshooting methods workarounds to fix this error message in Windows 10 mail. Try each as listed in order and see what helps you to get rid of it.

Method 1: Re-enable Mail syncing.

The first thing that you will be doing is Re-enabling mail syncing process. First, you will turn of Syncing and then, Turn it on again. Do not worry; i am listing the steps below which you can follow with ease.

Step 1: Open Mail app.

Step 2: Go to Accounts and click on the account you are having problems with.

Step 3: Now, Click on Change Sync Settings of email.

Step 4: Turn OFF Syncing option.

Step 5: Close the mail app, Re-open it and follow the steps again.

Step 6: This time Turn the Syncing Option ON again. 

Step 7: Relaunch the mail app and see if the syncing works this time.

Method 2: Re-Add your Outlook account to fix 8500201D error

If Re-enabling Syncing fails to fix the 0x8500201d error, then next things you want to try is Re-adding your outlook account in the mail app. To do this, you will first have to Delete your account and then add it again. Follow these steps:

  • Open mail app.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on Manage accounts.
  • Select your account having sync issues.
  • Now, Click on Delete.
  • Relaunch Windows 10 mail app.
  • Add the same account again.

Re-Adding the account sometimes works to fix this Syncing issue with error code 0x8500201d. If both the above methods fails to fix this issue then, Method #3 is a workaround to this problem that you must see.

Method 3: Workaround to fix Error code 0x8500201d.

Open Mail app and delete your existing account which is not syncing. The same way we did in Method 2. Just don't Re-add the account again.

Now, Launch People app and Click on Settings > Add account. Add your account by entering correct credentials and close the app.

Next, Open Mail app > Settings > Manage Accounts > Select your account and change Sync settings. Disable Contact sync here. That is it; Now Relaunch the mail app and see if Syncing starts.

So these are the 3 methods which may help you to fix 0x8500201d error code in Windows 10 mail app. We will update this post as we find more ways that will help get rid of this error.

Till then, if any of the above Methods works for you. Then let us know in comments below. Also, You can share your method to fix this error if you have any.


  1. Replies
    1. The same for me, nothing goes, and the problem just started, suddenly, yesterday as you all, so, is Microsoft going to repair its own problem or will they continue asking as to reinstall once and again?
      Im tired, really.

  2. No, no, no. Have the same problem on Dell Inspiron, Surface Pro 3, and Lumia 950XL. Since yesterday. I conclude that it is a server-side problem. Microsoft needs to fix.

    1. Without Doubt this error can be because of Microsoft server side issue. But, Before coming to that conclusion; one should perform basic troubleshooting that i have mentioned above.

    2. This is another of the many windows 10 bugs from Microsoft insider preview builds,they are causing more problems every time an update comes out.I suggest getting a different operating system as they cant do anything right anymore

  3. No No No, but thanks for the troubleshooting

  4. I got this problem today, I lose all the contacts photos in my all devices, and I can't sync emails too --'
    I'm in Restone 1, Release Preview

  5. I am not on insider programme and on Anniversary W10 - same issue since an update yesterday to mail app.

  6. 1 and 2 don't work for me. However what do you mean by open the people app in number 3?

  7. Thats why its never wise to do automatic update. First its shockwave flash not responding. All browsers. Google the answer. Download realtek driver. Still wl crash occasionally. Now this mail not sync. Microsoft. Cant u do anything well. Grrrrrh