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0x87AF0813 - Fix App store error on Windows 10

You Might see Error code 0x87AF0813 when you try to Install a new app from Windows app store. This particular error code mostly occurs on Mobile Devices running Windows 10 operating system.

Error 0x87AF0813 appears not just while installing a new app on your device, but also when you try to update existing apps from the store. To fix this issue, we have listed some methods that might help you to get rid of it.

If you are getting this error code on your PC then Scroll down to the end of this Post and See What Basic Troubleshooting you can do.

Why am i getting Error code 0x87AF0813?

There are many reasons that can cause this error code to appear but the most common ones are:

  1. Internet Connectivity Issue.
  2. Pending Update.
  3. Not Enough Storage on your Device.

Above mentioned are just few of the many reasons why you are seeing this error code in Windows app store. Now, let us know some basic troubleshooting that you can do just now to fix this issue.

Fixing Windows Store error 0x87AF0813

Windows store error code 0x87AF0813

We will be sharing 4 methods to fix this error code. You can start with method 1 and skip to the next if the earlier one doesn't work.  So lets get started...

Method 1: Check/Change Internet Connection

First thing you should do is to Check your internet connectivity. Make sure you have strong Connectivity without any interruptions.

Also Switch your internet connection from Data connection to Wifi. For eg: if you are currently using Data connection on your device and facing error 0x87AF0813, Then Switch to Wifi Connection and see if this solves the problem. And if you are already on Wifi Connection, then switch to mobile Data connection.

Method 2: Update your Phone:

See to it there is no Pending updates available for your phone OS. Many a times out dated Device because house for various error codes. An up to date system makes sure that you are up to date and not behind every one else.

So in this method, Simply go to Settings, Then Scroll down and tap Update and security. Now tap on Phone update. If you see any update available, Just download the update.

Check windows store again try downloading the app which was throwing 0x87AF0813 error on your screen.

Method 3: Cancel Pending Downloads.

If you are trying to Download multiple things at a time, then you might face this error code. So, Go to Downloads and if you have Pending downloads in the list, Cancel everything from there.

Now Open Windows app store again and try to download 1 app at a time and see if you are still having 0x87AF0213 Problem.

Method 4: Verify Enough Space on your Device.

Your Device must have Enough free space available to Download a new app or to Update existing apps. So just go to storage and see if there is enough free internal space on your device.

Remember to Download apps in Internal Storage only, if you have Download new apps in SD Card option enabled, then go and change that. Many apps requires you to Download and install them in Internal Storage only.

Method 5: Backup, Reset and Restore.

This is the last Method for 0x877AF0813 Error Code. You must try this method only if all above methods fails to fix your problem.

Resetting your Device is the ultimate solution now. To be Safe you will need to backup your data so that you don't loose them while resetting your device.

Resetting will Wipe your data so its Better to Learn How to Backup your Data before Reset and How to Restore it after Reset. You can learn this HERE.

Remember, Perform this Method if nothings helps from this page. Resetting your Phone just because of an Error is not recommended but Its very irritating if you can't install your all important app at the same time.

Basic Troubleshooting for 0x87AF0813 Error On PC.
  • Check/Switch your Internet Connection
  • Use Windows App Troubleshooter.
  • Disable Windows Firewall.
  • Disable Third party Antivirus Programs. 

That is it, Let us know in comments below if this page has helped you. Comment which method helped you to fix 0x87AF0813 error for you. If you have any other method or suggestion, just Speak your mind.

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  1. None of these fixed the problem downloading MS OneNote, on a new Surface 3 Windows 10