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Fix Error Code 0xa00f4244 - No Cameras are Attached

Last Updated : Sunday, 11 July 2021

If you Currently Upgraded to Windows 10 and have Integrated or External Camera, Then you may not be able to use it because of Error code 0xa00f4244. Earlier we posted Series of post covering Various Windows 10 Update errors that users were getting.

To be Exact, the Message will pop up saying "We can't find your camera. Check to be sure it's connected and installed properly, that it isn't being blocked by antivirus software, and that your camera drivers are up-to-date. If you need it, here's the Error Code 0xa00f4244 - NoCamerasareAttached"

Reasons for No Cameras are Attached Error code 0xa00f4244

The error message reveals a lot of things that may cause the error code to pop up. Few Reasons for the error might be following:

  1. Camera cable that is connected to motherboard might be Faulty.
  2. Antivirus blocking camera.
  3. Outdated Camera Drivers.
There might be few more reasons but what matters is how to fix error code 0xa00f4244 in Windows 10. So let us see how to do it.

Fix Error 0xa00f4244 Cameras are not attached

Camera Not Working Error Code 0xa00f4244

Apart from 3 reasons mentioned above, there is one more very basic reason because of which you are getting this No Cameras are attached error code 0xa00f4244 on your Asus, HP or Lenovo laptop; We will be sharing it in 1st method itself and will move on to see other 3 ways to fix this error code in Windows 10

Method 1: Activating Camera.

Turn on Camera to fix 0xa00f4244 Error code

This is a very basic thing that lot of us miss. You need to Turn on Camera first. If you have just installed Windows 10 then, chances are Your Camera is turned off and so you are shown No Camera attached error 0xa00f4244 every time you launch the camera.

To Activate/Turn on Camera do the following:
  • Go to Start > Settings. Or hit Win +I key to open up settings in windows 10.
  • Click on Privacy from the options Provided in the Settings Window.
  • From the left pane, Select Camera and Turned it ON if it is OFF.
  • Close the Window and Launch Camera.
If the camera itself was turned off, Your Problem of this error code will be solved Instantly. Otherwise, check below methods shared.

Method 2: Change Settings in Antivirus.

Many Antivirus have options of not allowing to use Camera because of security reasons. If you have an Antivirus, go to its settings and see if by Mistake you have not allowed to use your Camera(Webcam). 
If you don't find any such Options, Then simply Turn off your Antivirus temporarily. Now go and launch the Camera and see if the problem persists.

Method 3: Update Drivers.

If your Recently Installed Windows 10 is throwing Camera Error Code 0xa00f4244, then it's quite obvious that you need New and Updated Drivers for your Camera. Integrated or External, Both Cameras need Up-To-Date drivers. Updating Drivers is quite a task, and it may take lot of time finding the right drivers for your hardware.

- If you are having issues with Integrated Camera then, Search your manufacturer's website for necessary drivers. You can also go to Device Manager, Expand Imaging Devices to find your camera. Right Click on it and click on Update Device Software.

- If you have an External camera attached and having problem with it then, Go to Device Manager, Under Sound, Video and Game Controller you can find your External Camera.

Again, Right click on your camera name and do Update Device Software. A new window will pop up where you have to select Search Automatically for updated driver software. It will now search your Computer and the Internet for required drivers.

Note: if you do not See your Camera in Device Driver then, Plug your Camera in so other Port and see if it is now shown to you. If it still doesn't show, Click on Scan for hardware changes icon on the top or Click on Actions > Scan of Hardware Changes.

Method 4: Roll Back to Windows 8.1 or 7.

This one is for Windows 10 users only. If all 3 Methods fails to fix Camera not working error Code in your Windows 10, then your Camera might be not compatible with Windows 10. Do you have a Old External Camera? Then, it might not work on Windows 10.

Just Roll Back to your Previous version of Windows and this might very well fix the camera problem. Our Research and Discussion about this particular error code has shown that Rolling back to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 has fixed the problem. This will work only if your camera was working perfectly and it stopped working after windows 10 upgrade.

That is it; These are 4 Methods I wanted to share which might help visitors to Fix Camera not attached Error Code 0xa00f4244 Windows 10. If any of the above steps were useful to you, then let us know in comments below.


  1. Hello!
    I have this problem. I tried everything, unfortunately I can't roll back to Windows 8. But my camery had wroked perfectly well with Windows 10 for half a year. And then suddenly stopped. In the same time there were new updates and I didn't install them. Maybe this is the problem. But now I really can't do anything to make it work. Could you suggest any other options? Thank you))

    1. To me it does not work and I've tried everything, the only thing that has worked for me on other computers is with the tool restore Windows 10 and once restored disable updates.

  2. Even when I go into Device Manager, I have no imaging software listed. The camera worked a month ago and then suddenly, my Vaio updates and it's gone.

  3. what good are updates if they screw the things that you use. Get a grip Microsoft...

  4. I updated my camera drive and it fixed it. thanks for the help