Sunday, 25 September 2016

0x86000c09 : Windows 10 Mail App Sync Error Fixed

Yet Another mail app Sync error in Windows PC. Users are getting this sync error more and more as days passes. The error code 0x86000c09 prevents the syncing of sent/received mails in the mail app. Manually trying to sync throws error messages.

Earlier we discussed how to fix mail app error code 0x8500201D. Today we will see how to fix 0x86000c09 error.

Why Error code 0x86000c09 occurs?

Very Basic understanding why this error code occurs is something conflicts and the Sync does not goes through. Syncing mail is important to many of us, it may fail even because of Network Connection issues but it is very rare.

Mail app error 0x86000c09 may also occur if Servers are down, This in particular is not the user sides issue. But again, this is very rare too. Because we have a Proven Solutions that almost guarantees solving error code 0x86000c09 in Windows 10 mail app.

Fixing Mail app Error 0x86000c09

Fix Windows 10 mail app error 0x86000c09

Normally, We share more than 1 Solutions to any error code or issue what users face, but for this particular error in outlook, we have only one. This is because the method that we are going to share here will be enough to fix the issue. So, there is not need to complicate the error fixing process.

Fix Error 0x86000c09 by Removing Device.

Yes Removing your Device from the list of devices your email account is getting sync will solve the issue. This is simple and so are the steps which I am going to show you below.

  • Go to
  • Sign in to your account if you are not already signed in.
  • Once Signed in, on the top left corner, Click on Settings icon.
  • Click on Options.
  • Go to General and then Mobile Devices.
  • Look for your Device and Just Click on Remove.
  • Once the Device is Removed, Go to Mail app and Re-Sync again.

The steps above if done correctly will definitely solve your problem of mail app not syncing with error code 0x86000c09. Doing this have proven to fix the issue for lot of users, and we sure this will work for you too.

We would like ot hear from you. Let us know if the above steps helped you to fix the issue or not in comments below. If this don't help, we will update this post with couple of more troubleshooters.