Wednesday, 21 September 2016

0x800704cf: Windows Network PC Error code Fixed

Windows users, specially Windows 7 and 10 users may get Error code 0x800704cf whenever they try to access Network PC. For windows 10 users, the same error arises with Workgroup.

To be Exact the error may read "Error code: 0x800704cf . The network location cannot be reached". The error may be irritating as it prevents you from accessing Network PC to share files or do any other tasks.

Fixing Windows Can't access Error Code 0x800704cf

Method 1: Uncheck Client for Microsoft Network

To fix 0x800704cf error on your system, you simply need to uncheck  the Client for Microsoft network Option. Which in many case have solved the error code problem for many users. Lets see how it is done.

Step 1: Right Click on Network icon from taskbar and click on "Open Network and sharing center." Alternatively, you can even search your PC for Open Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2: Once the Windows opens up, Click on Change Adapter settings from the left pane.

Step 3: A new dialog box should appear in front of you with all Network Connections, Right click on your Network Adaptor (Wi-Fi) and select Properties.

Step 4: Properties dialog will show up. Now Uncheck very first option which should be Client for Microsot Network and click OK.

Once all steps are done, Go and Check if you still get error code 0x800704cf or not.

Method 2: Reset TCP/IP stack.

To Reset TCP/Ip will need to execute few commands in Command prompt window. Make sure you open Command prompt as administrator to execute commands mentioned below.

  1. Right click on Start and click on Command Prompt(Admin)
  2. Type "ipconfig /flushdns" and hit Enter. This will Clear the DNS Cache.
  3. Now again write "nbtstat -RR" before hitting Enter. This will Refresh netBIOS Names.
  4. Next type "netsh int ip reset" and Enter to Reset IP settings.
  5. Lastly execute "netsh winsock reset" command and hit enter to Reset Winsock Catalog.

After executing all 4 commands properly, Reboot your PC. This should fix Error code 0x800704cf if TCP/Ip Proves to be a problem.

Method 3: Uninstall Network Adapters.

  • Search your PC for "Device Manager."
  • Click on the Result shown to Open it.
  • Click on View and select "Show Hidden Devices".
  • Expand Network Adapter to see a list of Adapters on your PC.
  • Now Uninstall them all One by one.
  • Next, Click on Action and Select "Scan for Hardware changes"

That is it, You are done with this Method of Uninstalling and Installing Network Adapters. You should have most probably fixed the 0x800704cf error on your system.

Let us know which method worked for you in comments below. if you have any other method that has worked for you and would like to share with us, then do it in the Comment section.


  1. Worked on method 2 in Windows 10. Thanks.

  2. My system show network (X) Cross mark and not showing in change adapter settings. I am using 3 method and now working good and show all details LOCAL AREA Connection. Thanks

  3. Wonder! Method 3 worked for me.

    Failed to update windows 10

  4. Worked on method 3 for Windows 10.thank you so much

  5. worked on method 3 in windows 7...thanks

  6. help me all method can't solve it..:(

  7. its not working help me please..:(

  8. Thank you! Number 3 worked great!

  9. Client for Microsoft Networks was UNchecked when I went into adapter properties. I checked it, hit ok and now the error is gone and I can access our network shared drives

  10. I tried all three methods, none of them work I am still getting the same error: "You'll need the internet for this." Yet i am using the internet with no problems or issues

  11. Noneof these helped me. and I still cant get updates or sign into the store to update apps

  12. Thankyou method 2 worked for me on windows 10

  13. Method 3 and 2 didn’t work. Couldn’t try method 1 as clicking change adapter settings didn’t bring up another dialogue box

  14. Method 2 completely fucked my windows 10. My PC constantly restarts and says windows has ran into a problem every time I sign in. I cannot even switch to a different Operating System, restore to a certain point or anything. NEVER use method 2.

  15. Tried all these and still getting an error whenever I open the Microsoft Store...

  16. nothing helped me they all are unusable for me

  17. i Tried all these method .not help for me (
    windows 10)

  18. 3rd one worked for me, thank you, that error was annoying.

  19. Worked on method 3 in Windows 10. Thanks.

  20. Thanx step 3 worked in windows 7