Friday, 7 October 2016

Error code 0xc1900209 While Installation Fixed

Lot of Users in Recent times are facing Error code 0xc1900209 while trying to install Windows 10. if you think you are the only one having this error then you are wrong. This particular error pops up when you try to upgrade to Windows 10 through Media Creation tool.

Suddenly, you will be shown a Message screen which would say "What needs your attention". Some other text "The following things need your attention to continue the installation and keep your windows setting, personal files and apps". Now the mail message "Uninstall this app now because it isn't compatible with windows 10".

Though the screen says that the app is not compatible but it doesn't give you any idea which app is not compatible. You will be struck on this screen and when you try to Close Media Creation tool, you will be presented with error code 0xc1900209.

Fixing installation Error code 0xc1900209 

How to fix error code 0xc1900209

We are still at the early stage of this error but here are couple of ways you can fix this issue.

Method 1: Uninstall apps to fix error 0xc1900209

Since the error 0xc1900209 happens because of some app that you have already installed on your PC and it is not compatible for Windows 10, We will go ahead and find which app it is.

You will have to Uninstall app one by one and each time you uninstall any app try again to upgrade to windows 10. This process is time consuming but it might come in handy.

Method 2: Sign in to Windows Hidden administrator account.

In this method we will sign in to Windows administrator account which is by default hidden. Normally we sign in to windows with our personal user account but there is a administrator account which you need to activate so that you can sign in to it later.
Before we activate Hidden Windows admin account, you need to make certain changes. Steps to which are as follows

Step 1: Search your Computer for Msconfig and click on the result that shows

Step 2: From the general tab itself, Uncheck Load Startup items.

Step 3: Keep Load system services checked.

Step 4: Click on OK and Reboot your PC.

Now we will activate hidden admin account. Steps to which are provided below;
  1. Right click on Start and click on Command Prompt (admin)
  2. Type "net user administrator /active:yes" and hit enter.
  3. Now type "net user administrator (Your Password Here)" and hit enter.
  4. After that close CMD.
Note to type password of your own instead of  (Your Password Here). It can be anything but remember it as you will need to it while logging in.

Next is log out of your user account and sign in to Administrator account with the credentials you just created. After successfully logging in, you will then try to Install Pending Updates or Upgrade to Windows 10 Whichever was throwing error code 0xc1900209.

That is all folks. We have very limited information about this error until now, but we will update this post with more Solutions to error 0xc1900209 when available. You can share your method as well in Comments below.


  1. Thank you so much . The steps above worked for me.
    I have been trying to update the anniversary version for win 10 for weeks.

    Thank you; Thank you; Thank you


    1. You are Welcome KATHY, Good to know this helped you to fix the issue. Have a great time!!!

    2. To clarify, I did use step # 2 :)

      Tnx again

    3. This will help Others with same Error, Thanks for your Input.

  2. The error message is telling me to uninstalled my Realtek PCIE Card Reader. I have but continue to get the same Error code 0xc1900209. How can i correct this?